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"It is an individual's intrinsic right to the freedom to peruse their personal Spiritual path, in their own way, without fear of judgment"

Baby naming

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The birth of a child is a momentous occasion in a parent's life. While many are happy to have their baby christened some are uncomfortable with the usual Christianing. So what do you do to celebrate this new life ~ have a Naming Ceremony! You can still have people to stand, make their promises to your child‚ delight in this new little person and trust them to make their own decisions when they are older

Naming Ceremonies

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You can have godparents but their role would be slightly different, to give the child emotional and physical support as they get older and move into adulthood.
Naming ceremonies have gone on for hundreds of years and in many cultures, these important rites of passage are celebrated by family and friends and a way of welcoming the baby into the world.
After the Baby naming ceremony why not plant a small shrub or rose bush in the Garden to calibrate the grounding of the new born and their growth into maturity.

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This organisation believes that:

This organisation believes that this list of gifts abilities are becoming more common and more relevant today than ever before. People have often come to us at the end of their tether unable to understand or deal with their own gifts.
We can understand and support these people from a position of personal experience without dogma or condemnation. It is one of our main aims to promote and teach the art of Spiritual Healing.

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