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"An individual's intrinsic right to the freedom to peruse their personal Spiritual path, in their own way, without fear of judgment"


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Corinthian church and healing association can provide and perform a personal and legal ceremony tailored to your needs we have our own Registrar the Rev Petula Stowell.
we recognise that love, not gender, as the paramount importance when two people wish to marry. CCHA can fulfill all of your wedding requirements, from the type of service you wish for, to the mandatory legal paperwork.

Re-Taking of Marriage Vows

Some people wish to re-take their marriage vows as an affirmation of their commitment to each other and as a celebration of the endurance of their love. Often their requirements for this occasion are as different as the couples. 
Whatever it is you wish to incorporate, we will do our utmost to ensure it is as happy a day as the original event

Boring Legal Stuff

Prior to the official service it is recommended that a date is set aside by all participants to practice the ceremony beforehand and discuss any personal preferences for hymns or readings
A marriage can only take place in a building which is registered by the Register General for the solemnisation of marriages therein.
It is essential that a Registrar be present during the service, unless prior application is made to the Registrar for the appointment of an ‘Authorised person. If this is the case the Authorised Person must be present during the service. The parties should be married in the names and surnames which they use and by which they are generally known. The full names and surnames must be used throughout the marriage ceremony. The law requires that the doors of the Church or center be kept open during the service

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