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"An individual's intrinsic right to the freedom to peruse their personal Spiritual path, in their own way, without fear of judgment"

What is Mediumship?

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Mediumship is considered by us to be the ability of a person - the Medium (or Psychic Medium as they are sometimes called) to experience contact with those who have passed over, Angels or Spirit Guides. In this way they can then relay messages from Spirit. Most Mediums would say the core purpose of their work is to give evidence of life after death

We are obliged to state for legal purposes that there are many varied opinions on the subject of mediumship. It should be viewed as for entertainment.


The way in which Mediums work, together with the abilities they use, are as numerous as the Mediums themselves. Some hear Spirit voices - . Many Mediums see Spirit -  Many Mediums  "feel" or "sense"Spirit and gather information in this way using "clairsentience" Some Mediums use combinations of these and other tools.

Experience Mediumship

People come to experience Mediumship through various paths. It may be that you have received a message via a Medium and want to understand more. It is possible to join a Development Circle and with long persistent practice and exercises enhance your communication with Spirit

it is probably easiest to think of Mediumship like a Radio. Everybody has one - even if it is not turned on - it is just a case of finding it and tuning in! How far you can progress with it depends on the type of Radio you were given to use! For others the connection can be spontaneous, often after a dramatic event in their lives. A few people are born with these gifts which stay throughout their lives. Some have them as children which then reappear in later years. There are all sorts of variations on the Mediumship theme!

With these gifts, and others, comes a great responsibility. Which ever Spiritual pathway you are on, if these things are relevant to your life, we can support and teach you safely from the best position - that of personal experience, If you wush to know more please feel free to contact us

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